Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bob's Computer Desk

Perhaps one of the most amazing computer desks you will ever see.

Custom Designed Office Desk. Fits together like a puzzle.
Building for a Client:
In 2008 I was approached by Bob to build an office desk. After a brief discussion I agreed to work with him and so began our journey.

He started by saying that he wanted a desk for his office and he wanted to make it out of concrete. He showed me a few photos out of a book that displayed a red concrete surface that was partially ground down exposing the inner rocks of the concrete. We ended up with a concrete desk that has two desk surfaces coming off of it forming a U. With the concrete at the bottom center of the U one side desk is referred to as "the return" Desk and the other the "counter top".

Red Concrete, Wengé, TigerWood and Stainless Steel

Like a puzzle, each component of this desk fits into the other, perfectly. This project involved quite a bit of engineering as many of the parts are functional as well as visual. For instance, the 300LB concrete desk is standing on only two legs and these legs pass through the desk surface and are part of a wire chase to channel computer wires. Take a look on my flickr page to see what I'm talking about!

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