Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Black Tower at UBIQ

 The Madagascar Black Laminate Tower was designed specifically for UBIQ on Walnut Street, downtown Philly. Check out UBIQ!
 Stay tuned for the latest UBIQ version of the Product POP.

The new Product POP for tünr

Here we are in the shop with the first of the Product POP's completed. The stacks of shelving for the remaining pop's are in the background! The rods and shelf dividers are all hand cut and sandblasted giving them a glittery look. The 20 units I built are all out the door, in their prospective shops in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Georgia, Road Island, Maryland and more . . .

tünr hits the streets of Chicago

PHLI in Chicago has the new tünr product and display! This is the first in a store, loaded and ready to go. click here to visit PHLIOne of the first six premium socks and laces for iconic styles from iconic brands.

Little Flame

Little Flame
Prize winner in the NWFW 30th Annual Box Show! SOLD