Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Madagascar Product POP for UBIQ

                                                                                                 What's a Product POP?

We built the black metal tünr Tower for UBIQ but it wasn't showing the public clearly enough that this is new product. The Tower is like a shoe tree, it displays a shoe out on the floor, away from a wall. In this case we were displaying six shoes fully dressed with the new sock and lace. This store wanted the Tower because they were concerned about shrinkage (product theft). It wasn't working to sell the tünr products! So UBIQ decided to have the product out on the floor and this display is the result. It is basically the same pop display that is in DTLR, PHLI, Atmos, and Concepts.

I chose to put a different texture on the metal trim for this display. I used the polisher and put painterly swooshes on it to contrast the straight vertical grain of the madagascar and the waterfall effect of the grain layout on the shelves. It is quite a nice visual relationship. I also lifted the whole unit up by 2 inches to help the visual line of sight for the bottom shoe. Since this was a custom build for UBIQ I used 1/8" flat bar aluminum for the toe kick face. This would have been far too expensive for the previous production line.

If you happen to be in Philadelphia, stop in the Walnut Street (1509) store and check it out in person! It's a great store with lots of awesome shoes at reasonable prices!

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