Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Design is Exciting!

What is successful Design in furniture?

Successful design is functional and visually pleasing. The challenge is to arrive at a design that meets both of these qualities equally.

I believe woodworking is very much like the martial arts.  It is discipline and focus and being in tune with your senses, your feelings and the material that you are working with.

Sometimes we just know we should wait to make that cut or start that glue-up and other times we know that everything is in alignment and there is no time to waste. It is a very personal process.

Design is much the same. We struggle with the radius of an arc, the heaviness of a line, the proportions of a cabinet all related to the wood we are using and perhaps the final placement of the piece.

Design is exciting!

It can be a lot of fun to design your next desk or chair or armoire. Even more exciting to choose the wood. What woodworker doesn't like to go look at your local hardwood supplier and see what they might have today? It's like treasure hunting. And, if you happen to know when they get shipments and when those shipments will hit the showroom floor you just may find some very special pieces.

That's one of the troubles that I run into . . . I may find another piece of furniture in the wood as well as the wood for my current project!  :)

I am always having to translate as I look through the stacks of lumber, what will it look like smooth and shaped and how will the finish effect the color and the grain? How will these details effect the weight of the lines? I am constantly asking these questions as I am building and moving on to the next task.

Speaking of moving on, at some point we end up in the shop, with our wood prepared and ready to make our first cuts. Yikes! Wherever the point along the way is for you, there is often a place where we get stuck. We are afraid we won't find the right angle, or make the hole in just the right place. We don't have any more veneer that matches so the glue-up has to succeed.  It can be quite terrifying. The way to get unstuck is to break down exactly what there is to do and take the next step. That's another blog entirely!

I once worked with an excellent woodworker who said he never does anything too complex first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Often I find myself remembering his words when I am questioning what I am about to do. One time in particular, I decided I should wait. I am so glad I did because as I set up the next day another idea came to me, I immediately implemented it and the results were absolutely perfect! Whew!

It's important to know the difference between the fear of pushing forward (taking risks) and when to wait because you still need information. One absolute in this work is that we all make mistakes no matter how thoughtful we are. How we resolve those mistakes will show our creativity, ingenuity, and willingness to accept responsibility for our work. After you've thrown your fit, you just may make a piece that is better than what you originally thought of.

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