Monday, November 14, 2011

Working up a dust storm in my new shop!

I'm so excited to be back in the shop again! I'm crafting a dining room table (sketch right) with a big nod to Piet Mondrian. This table is made mostly from previously used lumber . . . the top is made from 4 x 4 floor beams that I took out of my house and the legs are made from glu-lam beams that were removed from a clients home. The slab is 2" thick, 86" long and 41-1/4" wide. This beauty will seat 8. The clean straight lines of the slab are such a contrast to the vintage lumber I began working with.

Originally I was going to make a workbench top out of the floor beams and then I started milling them up and saw the grain was so beautiful and tight I decided to go a bit more formal with it. When its finished it will have a warm and inviting, comfortable yet stylish look and feel to set the stage for the right dining room! Check back for more updates soon!

At the other end of the shop I'm making a very sexy jewelry box made from a discarded piece of fir that was just too high maintenance for the skilled craftsman that gave it to me. It's wild and crazy grain pattern has made a simple jewelry box pop off the desk top. It should be approaching the finishing stages by the end of the week so check back soon to see what happened . . . I have a great set of legs in mind for this one!

I'm working hard setting up my new shop and structuring my business to suit my new city, Portland, Oregon. I'm working on my own line of woodworks such as entry tables, coffee tables, computer stands (for traveling laptops), altars, and the list goes on and on . . .

My latest project is an opportunity for you dreamers to come and spend a week with me in my shop and learn the basics of woodworking, or build upon your skill set. We will take on tangible  projects that you can take away with you at the end of the week. Why keep the idea of working with your hands in a far off fantasy land? Why not take the plunge and learn how to create simple elegance through wood!  I already have several people interested in this concept: "vacation with me and become a woodworker". If you are interested, email me and I will send you information about this great opportunity!

The building I'm in has many artisans specializing in varying materials from glass, metal, ceramics, stone, wood, silk screening, and costume design. It's wonderful to be working in my shop and hear my busy neighbors grinding metal, welding,sawing or banging away at their latest project. Even when it's quiet there's always something happening!

Back to work . . . be sure to smile today, I know I am!

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