Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My task list to the 10th power!

Zoom!      Pow!      Sha-zam!

I’m catching my breath, bent over holding an aching back and looking at all that sawdust I now have to clean up. Whew, I’m beat! This is ‘me at work’. I sure do make a lot of messes and often I turn and look hoping that I will be able to see some manifestation of all of my calculations, problem solving, testing, gluing and sanding.

Nope, I still want more to look at.

Seems these days that I set out a task to do and quickly discover that I have to do ten things in order to accomplish my goal. This is why I feel like I'm taking ten steps back for one forward!

I can't help but wonder if this happens in your line of work too. How do you get through it?!  Please tell me, I want to know! I often hear from people that my line of work must feel so good because you can actually see a product at the end of the journey. This is true and it does feel good if you like what you crafted. Still, the end product can take a long time to make with one big long insurmountable list!

Like a puppy with unyielding hope . . .

I go to the shop every day, telling myself  “perhaps I will see something closer to being finished”. I smiled today at my delight when I reached for a clamp and saw that there were only a few left. Because I am the only one in the shop, this must mean that I am bound to see evidence of working very soon. I have what feels like 200 clamps, never actually counted, but using them means I’m gluing boards together and usually this results in something being made.

Today I'm still pushing to see more evidence of my work and I know that carrot is just around the corner!

What end product gives you satisfaction in your line of work? Do you have goals or quotas to meet? 

I keep pushing forward because . . . I know that with every step I am getting closer to the finish line . . . soon I will get to make the next piece of furniture that I am so excited about . . . I'll get paid!  (this is always good) . . . it will free up room in the shop! And the main thing that pushes me along is actually getting to see in 3-dimensional real life what I envisioned and set out to create. Taaaa-Daaaa . . . . 

What drives you?

Little Flame

Little Flame
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