Friday, February 1, 2013



They have finally figured out the wireless sync, so why not? I’m sure someone is working on this right now. I know it may require some intense filtering but sometimes I wish I had this feature. My screen may look like this at times:
                                          by Thorsten Nass  Beautiful isn’t it? See more of his work here:


One is a jewelry box, or at least that’s what I think it is going to be. I have decided that I will make my own hinges for this and I want them to be sculptural accents made out of the hardest wood in the shop, Vera Wood.  Its green and blue and amber which will accent the fir box nicely.


The way I go about this is I engineer the working parts and structure and then I wait for a vision to come to me. I see things in three dimensions in my mind. I can turn them around up there and consider what this might be like in reality. While waiting for ‘inspiration’, I might draw or go work on something else for a while.  This part can literally take years. 

NOTHING, IS A DIFFICULT STATE, and if I am uptight about visualizing the perfect answer, pacing back and forth in my head like a ping-pong ball, then nothing is what I will have. Creativity can’t be forced for economy of time. I need to take the “I” out of it, relax into the nothingness, and discover what emerges.


Graceful lines, functionality, sexy, and I had no idea HOW I was going to make it, but I saw it! I held a beautiful answer to the puzzle and no visual question went unanswered!

I WAS EXTREMELY BUSY at that moment in time and couldn’t or wouldn’t put down what I was doing and draw it. I was gluing, clamping, or cutting a whole bunch of wood. “Yes, finally, that’s it, nice, I like it! I’ll write that down in just a minute. “  I do think I even thought I’d wait a few to see if I could tweak it a little so that it would be easier to make. For some perspective, I’ve been pondering this box for about 6 years.  Some simply require more time for that exquisite design to bud.


Crap! I thought it would come right back. I usually don’t forget images (it’s a blessing and a curse, believe me) What if I never see it again. I do remember a beautiful rounded fin that reaches back away from the box hinge and looks like it is fluttering mid-air. The arm that crosses the top of the box tapers and resolves to a soft point like a ridge.

                               Here you see walnut legs I carved for another jewelry box

If only I could sync my mind with my iPhone I’d have several images of my vision to share with you (and me for that matter) and I could be off figuring out the ‘how to’.

Note to self:
STOP WHATEVER I AM DOING AND DRAW OUT THE DESIGN, no excuses, no waiting. The good thing is I probably do remember enough and there are so many solutions for crafting furniture and woodworking projects. It does help to slow down a bit, let the chatter fade away and be. And when the inspiration hits catch up and run with it baby!

Have you noticed what your creative process is?


  1. Yes! I love the idea of just syncing my brain to something. I think it's really important to capture and treasure all of our little inspirations.

    I'm finding that with songwriting, I need a little recorder with me all the time, including at night. I think the little melody that echoes in my mind the whole time I'm falling asleep will still be with me in the morning, but it never is. And sometimes it's just what I want.

  2. I love it Do Mi! Great idea! I love all the little apps too that are designed to help us capture it all like Evernote. Sometimes drawing the ideas out can chase them away too - sometimes I find they aren't as clear as I had thought and other times its all right there, clear as day.
    I really like the idea of you going to bed with a tune, rolling over and singing it into your recorder, sleeping, and then hearing it in the morning!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Howdy Ms. Smith,

    I can completely identify with the quandary of somehow 'capturing' the image or concept that forms in your minds eye into some type of vessel...especially for those of us (I believe you are one) who 'see' the form of something in our head and can manipulate it, pivot it, reform it into a slightly unfocused (read; unfinished)version of it's final appearance. Not only would it be a wonderful convenience, but I believe it would also be quite freeing...and perhaps allow us to temporarily set that basic shape aside for the moment, safe in it's 'vessel' for later perusal, thereby providing our mind to continue to refine it's details.

    My, what a wonderful idea.

    I have tried sketching my ideas on paper over the years in an attempt to either capture them, or to illustrate what I am thinking to some one else. But have always felt it did not properly convey what my mind was seeing. The drawings always felt sophomoric, and hollow in it's ability to describe.
    I have even recently given Sketch Up a go after reading so many positive reviews about it's abilities. And, to it's credit, it actually is somewhat helpful for illustrating the basic interaction of 'pieces/parts'. But the time spent inputting all the data necessary to create a Sketch Up drawing in the end still falls short of hopeful expectations....

    I do have a suggestion for a solution...albeit, perhaps not perfect, but quite natural.


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Little Flame
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