Monday, April 22, 2013

Documenting the Work

Documenting what we produce as Makers is as important as creating!

Sometimes that is a great challenge. Equipment and space are crucial to getting the results we desire.

I often am so exhausted after a job that I forget to take photos altogether. I have forgotten so many times that I now give myself a reward when I remember! Then there are those times when I take a thousand shots and not one of them are truly representing what I see before me. No matter what, taking the photos has it's own ups and downs. If you can afford to hire a photographer then by all means do! Give them plenty of notice when you think you will be ready for them. Good communication goes a long way! If you find a good photographer you can afford, their work can give your work a power boost!

Sending a project off into the world requires letting go. Taking the photos myself helps me golf this transition. I get to look over every aspect of the work and glorify the best view, that place where you have to stop in your tracks, stunned for a second or two, appreciating.

Now is the time to let the work speak for itself. You will no longer be its voice.

How do you feel when you complete a project at work?

This used to be a time of depression for me. I had so much of myself wrapped up in each project I forgot to take care of myself. I forgot that if I weren't paying attention I could actually feel as though some of me was gone when the project was out the door. I was left with a bunch of clean up, organization an empty shop and a hole in my heart. It was hard to pick up and start something new. I'd wallow around a while and then before I knew it, I'd be all jazzed about my next project

Isn't it interesting that creating mirrors life itself? 

What's your next project?

Dresser, Headboard, Reading Lights, Storage Cubbies, Charging stations, Jewelry Drawer, Bedside Tables (with pull outs), Bookshelves and Drawers . . . this pieces of furniture is fully loaded!

Over 8' long this modern dresser does it all!

I even built custom, recessed, adjustable reading lights into the headboard!
That's what custom furniture is all about Baby!

Many thanks to Bob and Anne for hiring me to build this beautiful highly functional furniture!

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