Monday, April 22, 2013

Fully Loaded-Far Out-Furniture!

check out my post titled "Documenting Our Work" to read more about this furniture

Made from American Cherry this is a Dresser which incorporates a headboard and more. The clients who commissioned me to build this have a bed in the middle of their room with a four sided vaulted ceiling reaching its peak in the center. As you can see this is much more than any old headboard. It is also a dresser, two bedside tables, reading lights, bed cubby holes (at the top of the pillow area), and it is a wire chase for any electronics you may want to store in the cubbies. I might as well add that the headboard on top is a sculpture.  Stay tuned! Today was photo day so I have many photos to filter through and work on. I will doctor up the background on the pic here and remove the wheels from the dollies! :-)

This measures about 8' 4 1/2" in length, aprox 28" deep and under 5' in total height.

Commission me to build your next furniture!

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