Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Large Slabs For Sale

One Parota slab remains for sale or commission.

Milling services available upon request. Here's a video of my last Parota dining table that I just shipped:

There are similar qualities of grain and color with the Parota I have used. All have been amazing to work with and ended up being fantastic tables. Like all wood each board, each tree varies according to what has happened in it's life. It is fascinating to discover each piece!
A true trestle table. Everything is made to fit together seamlessly for a short install and a long life. 

Contact me if you are interested in discussing a slab purchase or a table commission. I have been building for over 36 years creating spaces and furniture for clients all over America. Write to Jacquelyn at perfect45degree@gmail.com

Little Flame

Little Flame
Prize winner in the NWFW 30th Annual Box Show! SOLD