Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Jewelry Box to Hold a Lifetime

A jewelry box from the heart

This jewelry box was specifically designed for my client, searching for the perfect 5th year anniversary gift for his wife. He wanted tons of storage while remaining a countertop piece, a keltic reference, and the sensual box legs which I have had repeated requests for throughout the years. He shared examples with me of boxes he liked for storage but the design fell short in his eyes. 

I came up with an overall concept and the piece evolved as I began collecting the materials for end panels, face frame, the legs and lid. I have never made this leg design so tall and I love them! Plenty of surface for that Claro Walnut to boast of it's red, cream and burnt sienna coloring. I also found a board of Maple for this project at Gilmer Wood Company located in the industrial neighborhood in NW Portland.This Figured Maple was like butter. It milled, carved and sanded in such an effortless way. I have never been fond of Maple and now stand converted. When you have the right piece of wood everything is effected.  

I wanted to reflect the elegance of a woman in this box. I wanted sensual lines and smooth flowing edges. I wanted to capture the lightness of fabric and the weight of a grounded person who stands to be all a wife is; a best friend, lover, mother, provider, and so much more. The right woman has strength and beauty combined so I wanted that reflected in this box as it seemed to me Tyler was head over heals in love and wanted to give his wife the very best. 

This box is made from Maple, Black Walnut, Claro Walnut, Camphor and a little American Cherry. I lined all of the trays and storage spots with a deep Van Dyke brown Velvet. The colors in Velvet can be tricky to find just what you want when considering the woods you are using. The bright blue, green and red can appear harsh next to a particular board or just right depending on other ornamentation the box may display. Considering all the details is critical to creating a cohesive unit with many parts that speak as one.

My client responded to the Kelpie Jewelry Box I made. He loved the inlay and the leg design. Made with Claro Walnut, Maple and Lace Wood.

The detail below shows the box lid and how it relates to the top of the leg and end panel which doubles as a door. Notice the Keltic inlay of black ebony in the corner of the box lid. Laying low, not to compete with the rest of the box, the inlay is there for the user to discover.

I had idea after idea for the drawer pull design and each was good, but not quite what I wanted. After I carved the end panels I felt hesitant to create the pulls I had settled on. Sometimes it helps me to just think about it over the weekend or till the next day. I process design work in my head while I drive. It frees me up to be paying attention to the road and listening to the jazz station when a vision will come to me.

I once heard Allison Gilbert give a Ted Talk about inspiration. She was interviewing a poet who described a poem coming across the landscape toward her and she could see it. She would run to the house so she could write it down and if she didn't make it it would pass through her and go on to the next poet. I sure do catch a lot of ideas as I drive and if I don't pay attention to them they will fade away and perhaps look for another sculptor. 

These drawer pulls are carved out of the same Maple as the end panel wood. I was after the look of a ribbon suspended from the top drawer cascading down like a waterfall. 

Each end opens to provide a place for necklaces to hang and I made a small little tray below the door for extra tiny special pieces. I made custom drawer stops that prevent the drawers from falling out of the case when they are open yet easily allow removal. 
My client has been excited and amazed through this whole process. He has been wonderful to work with and for. I hope when he receives his gift his experience is amplified by years of living with this thoughtful jewelry box gift. I also hope that this box will be a steadfast reminder to his wife throughout the years that she is treasured and loved.

Please feel free to visit my shop here.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Beautiful Slab Dining Table, Design and Build by Perfect45Degree

10'6" Guanacaste Parota dining table. 

Stunning Parota Dining Table designed and built by Jacquelyn Smith of Perfect45Degree. 

I build the solid wood base and beam of this Trestle Table from Shedua. The trestle style table is an extremely solid design. 
Before the finish I do a test set up and fit. I am fortunate to have a fork lift and hoist to aid in moving around these large slabs! Some of my slab tops weigh from 220 to 385lbs! That's a lot of weight especially when the size is 42" x 10'6". Fortunately I used to build buildings so I have first hand knowledge of lifting beams and making things much larger than myself. I am also ever so grateful for the several people in my shop building who have come to the rescue over the years helping me get the slab turned over or into and out of a truck! 

This striped beauty is Quarter-sawn Shedua. The deep dark streaks and golden highlights are a perfect match for Guanacaste Parota. 

Simply beautiful.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Large Slabs For Sale

One Parota slab remains for sale or commission.

Milling services available upon request. Here's a video of my last Parota dining table that I just shipped:

There are similar qualities of grain and color with the Parota I have used. All have been amazing to work with and ended up being fantastic tables. Like all wood each board, each tree varies according to what has happened in it's life. It is fascinating to discover each piece!
A true trestle table. Everything is made to fit together seamlessly for a short install and a long life. 

Contact me if you are interested in discussing a slab purchase or a table commission. I have been building for over 36 years creating spaces and furniture for clients all over America. Write to Jacquelyn at perfect45degree@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

16' Dining Table, Extra Large Guanacaste Parota Slab

Installation day of one of my latest dine tables this year. 16' Guanacaste Parota slab dine table. What a beautiful piece of wood to work with! The muralist is still working on the ceiling above the table and the electrician has a light fixture to install. Yikes! All is well and worked out as planned!

My client is still in the phases of finishing their new Vancouver home but special guests from around the world are due to visit so we install the table to help fill out the room!  

We wanted to keep the live edge as an interesting element but straight cut the other three sides to work with the lines and shape of the room. Just sitting at this table is a treat!

    The grain in this wood is phenomenal! It's like flying over the earth!

Left: One of the base ends
nearly ready to assemble.
The base is built out of Shedua.
Curved work is one of my true loves!

Building up the finish. As the finish builds the grain of the wood becomes richer and richer. It is a wonderful treat to be able to witness!

Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Looking for a beautiful Slab Dining Table?

Looking for a beautiful Slab Dining Table?

I have two slabs coming from Costa Rica soon to be dining room tables. I made one table with this same wood, Guanacaste Parota last year and it was spectacular. Parota is stable, thick, and incredibly beautiful loaded with interesting grain patterns, color and figure.

FOR SALE NOW, purchase directly through Paypal using your account or a credit card. Or buy through Etsy . . . https://www.etsy.com/listing/472979125/parota-slabs


Here are a couple shots of my first Parota slab table with finish being applied:
The surface of the Parota Slab with Waterlox finish:
The shot above shows the heartwood at top and Sap wood at bottom. In this case the Sap wood was very solid and looks like Ivory with a spalted feather like pattern! This really helped make this table a beauty! http://perfect45degree.blogspot.com/2015/10/parota-dine-table.html

Please contact me if you are interested in having a table made for your home. 

Have a great day,
Jacquelyn Smith

Friday, December 4, 2015

Music Boxes

Design your Music Box with me!

A recent music box custom designed for an anniversary gift this season! This music box is beautiful, thoughtful and personal with superb sound quality.

The movement plays Canon in D, which has three parts, by Johann Pachelbel. You can hear the music and see this box in action here:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XOiwZJG2Kj8&feature=youtu.be
A music box can be more than a box to hold the movement. You can incorporate a jewelry box or other container with the movement. There are so many possibilities here! I'd love to have a custom movement made with our bedtime lullaby (Durme, Durme) and give one to each child when they have their first born. 

Made from American Cherry because acoustically this wood gives a very nice tone when combined with the music box movement. The Sankyo movement is fine tuned by Better Music Boxes to sound as precise as possible. On their site you can listen to the various movements they offer and even contact them about having a custom movement made. 
The inlay shown is Claro Walnut and Western Maple and the hearts represent the family.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Parota Dine Table

An example of elegance, simplicity and breathtaking beauty. The Parota slab comes from Costa Rica in the Guanacaste province. We had it shipped to my shop in Portland Oregon where I milled, sanded, and finished the slab. I designed and built the base after getting the slab in my shop. I wanted to see and feel the visual weight of it and make sure the wood I used in the base was compatible in color and grain. The base is made from Shedua, the one and only wood in my entire selection that had the correct matching!
The base and slab fit perfectly and are solid as a rock! Exactly what I wanted for a 220lb slab. 
Here are a few detail shots of the wood. I am still waiting for photos of the table complete in L.A.

The slab has outstanding ribboning and below is a detail shot of the sap wood:

Above is a test fit of the base to the top. There are rails that set inside the top which register it on center, fasten it and create a very strong bond between the base and the slab. The base doesn't have any finish on it yet here.
In the end it is finished with Waterlox, a 103 year old floor finish waterproof recipe.
Stay turned for final project photos!

Little Flame

Little Flame
Prize winner in the NWFW 30th Annual Box Show! SOLD