Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Laminate tünr Tower

Here's my tünr dresser (you may read more about this in a previous post and on my flickr page and next to it (for sizing) is my newest POP just assembled today. I call this one The Madagascar tünr Tower.

It's very exciting to finally see one go together. I have been making four of these which means many parts that need precision cutting filing and sanding. I am still waiting on the signs to come back from the laser shop but it should be here soon. The Madagascar laminate, which is the black vertical posts, has a high gloss and a smooth finish which reflects the image of the shelves creating a translucent effect. It's very interesting to look at if you notice all of the information that is being mirrored back at you. The shelves have a texture to them and the laminate appears indestructible. What I didn't expect is the texture reflection in the Madagascar. It's like a little visual surprise when you find it.
These are going to go into several high end boutiques. I don't know which ones exactly. One is probably UBIQ in Philadelphia, take a peek at their store . . .

Little Flame

Little Flame
Prize winner in the NWFW 30th Annual Box Show! SOLD