Tuesday, October 11, 2016

16' Dining Table, Extra Large Guanacaste Parota Slab

Installation day of one of my latest dine tables this year. 16' Guanacaste Parota slab dine table. What a beautiful piece of wood to work with! The muralist is still working on the ceiling above the table and the electrician has a light fixture to install. Yikes! All is well and worked out as planned!

My client is still in the phases of finishing their new Vancouver home but special guests from around the world are due to visit so we install the table to help fill out the room!  

We wanted to keep the live edge as an interesting element but straight cut the other three sides to work with the lines and shape of the room. Just sitting at this table is a treat!

    The grain in this wood is phenomenal! It's like flying over the earth!

Left: One of the base ends
nearly ready to assemble.
The base is built out of Shedua.
Curved work is one of my true loves!

Building up the finish. As the finish builds the grain of the wood becomes richer and richer. It is a wonderful treat to be able to witness!

Thanks for taking a look! Enjoy!

Little Flame

Little Flame
Prize winner in the NWFW 30th Annual Box Show! SOLD